Help Defray Zeppelins Medical Fees

Two days ago, a near and dear friend almost lost her fur baby.  Zeppelin, is a 6 month old German Shepherd and family member to Kathy, her kids and husband.  Thursday, while walking her fur kids down the driveway, to a dead-end public road which is done everyday, she turned to take them back home when she heard a loud pop and Zeppelin started to scream, a noise she had never heard come from a dog before!  Zeppelin had been shot at multiple times by two girls….15 and 17 year olds who claim they thought he was a “coyote”.  Zeppelin almost died from the blood he lost on the way to the vet. Both front paws were hit by the bullets.  He needs a partial amputation of his paw as soon as his blood count is back up.  Please help to defray the vet expenses for this family.  What money does not get used on his expenses will be donated to animal rescues or to help pay for expenses someone else can not afford….thank you in advance for your help!

BLOGGERS NOTE: If u can’t afford to donate, please pass on and share through social media. Thank you!!! 😀



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