Not Again! U.K. Store Expels a Blind Woman and Her Guide Dog

Despite the fact that we deliberately threw them out of the country not once, but twice, sometimes it seems like the English are just — well, better than us. Between their superior science-fiction television shows, cool accents, and socialized health care, there are days when I think that if they just found a way to ask nicely, a lot of us would be fine with the idea if they wanted their colonies back.

So sometimes, it’s a little bit of a relief to see that the Brits don’t have everything worked out. For instance, it turns out that mistreating people with service dogs isn’t just a thing that happens because we’re crude, uncultured Yanks. Maya Makri, a 39-year-old blind woman, was harassed by the staff of a Tesco store in London and finally made to leave because of her guide dog, the BBC reported.



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