Lexi the Pit Bull Has a Big Tumor — But a Lot of Friends

Rescue dogs often have a history of hardships, but the story of Lexi, a Pit Bull from New York, is even harder than most. Whoever her previous owner was, they abandoned her earlier this year by tying her to a fence in Brooklyn and walking away. Animal control took her into custody, and she was quickly accepted by Second Chance Rescue NYC. After that, it quickly became clear that Lexi had problems far beyond neglect and abandonment: She started oozing blood and discharge from her eyes and nose, and an MRI showed an aggressively growing tumor behind her left eye. The eye had to be removed, but the tumor itself was so large that only part of it could be taken out by surgery. After several rounds of biopsies, the news was bad: The tumor was an especially aggressive form of carcinoma.



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