Is Your Cat a Jerk? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

When you catch your adorable, warm, cuddly kitty vomiting on your shoes or eating the drawstring on your favorite pants, do you ever wonder if looks can really be that deceiving? Sure, she has a face that could get away with murder and her purr turns your insides to butter, but aren’t the worst criminals always the most handsome and charismatic? What if she’s been hiding behind her looks all these years, using those adorable little whiskers and omg, those big green eyes to conceal her misanthropy?

Have you ever worried that your cat might, in fact, be a jerk? Here’s a five-question quiz that will help you determine your cat’s true nature. Share your results in the comments! And remember: You’re not alone.



Our devil cat Camelot. LOL πŸ˜›



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