The Real Victim of Tara the Hero Cat’s Story Is the Dog

Updated with an interview with workers who have observed the dog in the shelter. Scroll down to see it.

By now we’re all familiar with that viral video of a cat saving a little boy from what seems to be an entirely unprovoked and rather vicious dog attack. The video has caused the Internet to erupt in a cheer of favor for “Tara the Hero Cat” — and the feline now has a Facebook page with sizable following and was even invited to throw out the first pitch at a local baseball game.

Jeremy, the four-year-old boy with mild autism who was spared from more severe wounds, is expected to make a full recovery. In interviews with the boy, the bond between Jeremy and Tara is clear and touching.

The dog, however — incorrectly labeled as a Pit Bull in some reports when it was really aLabradorChow mix — remains nameless.

And sentenced to death row.




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