Michael Vick Gets $5M Deal with the New York Jets, Says “My Past Is Irrelevant” — Oh, Really?

Bloggers Note:

So Michael Vick, you say your past is irrelevant? So that means all the dogs that were abused in your dog fighting ring were irrelevant?

He not only should never been allowed to own another dog but the NFL should also ban him for life in order to stand up for these dogs rights, IMO.

Anyway, I really hate the attitude some have that dogs are just property. That ifΒ  they abuse them its ok cause the dog won’t feel it anyway mentality. BS.




Wow, good things certainly do happen to a dog killer who happens to throw a football well. On Friday, the New York Jets took a look at Michael Vick, a man in the twilight of his career (his football career, not the career in which he killed dogs — that ended when he went to jail for 23 months), and said what the heck, here’s $5 million, let’s see what you got.

After the announcement, Vick issued a preliminarily and quite possibly premature thank you to Jets fans “who appreciate me and accept me for who I am and what I’ve become, not for what I’ve done.”



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