A Judge Says It’s Okay for a Dog-Torturer to Own Animals

Russell Seese of Greentown, Pennsylvania, tortured his dog Lexi, a Labrador/Pit Bull mix last year.

That’s not an allegation; in the legal sense, it’s a fact that Seese duct-taped Lexi’s paws together, did the same with her mouth, then tossed her into a chicken coop without food or water.

On these grounds, Seese was convicted of animal cruelty in December 2013, although his sentence was light: A $500 fine (although the minimum is $1,000) and 48 hours to 12 months in jail. Less than a month later, he has completed his jail time. Although there has been outrage over the leniency of the sentence, the point that’s been attracting the most attention is that last week, Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen refused to prohibit Seese from owning animals.




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