Science Agrees: Having Dogs Is Like Having Kids

My boyfriend and I have been saying to people for years that our German Shepherd Holly  and cat Camelot are just like children.

Every morning, our dog wakes me (or more like she licks me first, than if I don’t get up she climbs onto the bed and lays on me and cries, LOL). Our Cat Cammie won’t stop meowing at me until his food dish is filled, than he walks away. 😛

Just like children, our pets depend on us to look after them, be it love, food, play & exercise.

Love our furbabies and enjoy the article below!! 😀



Those who consider themselves “dog parents” have some solid ammunition to bring to the Thanksgivng table next year, as a new study shows that the relationship between dogs and their owners is similar to the relationship between that of children and their parents.

And it’s similar in one of the main duties of parenting: the ability to nurture. According to a new study in the news, dogs and children share the same mental response to dependency, called the “secure base effect,” in which dogs as well as children rely on a nurturing figure to interact with the world. The parents are a sort of “home base,” a place of comfort that dog and child can easily return to while going on mini-adventures, exploring the world.





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