A Fitting Punishment: Soccer Player Throws a Dog and Gets Thrown Off the Team

Editor’s note: Some of the images below might be upsetting to some readers. The dog in question appears to be okay, but the images are rather jarring nonetheless.

The dog did nothing wrong. He simply wandered onto a field in Argentina where people were playing with a ball. We’re supposed to like dogs like that. Dogs who act like friendly dogs, ready to suit up wherever people are playing with a ball.

But this was a Tucuman League soccer game with Jose Jimenez, and the forward for the team Bella Vista is a horrible person. He does not know how to treat dogs. When the stray wandered onto the field, stopping play, Jimenez grabbed the dog by the neck, ran him over to the fence, and tried to fling the dog over it like he was throwing a sack of potatoes. The dog flew through the air and slammed into the top of the fence, then tumbled to the ground.





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