What the Heck Is Caninus? It’s a Dog-Fronted “Grindcore” Band

File this one under “You read that right!” Caninus is a New York City grindcore band (more on grindcore in a minute) with a dog as lead vocalist. Actually, Caninus used to have two lead singers — Pit Bulls Basil and Budgie. Basil, however, passed away in 2011 of a brain tumor, so Budgie has been forced to rock the mic solo. The group is currently recording a new album in Basil’s honor.

Lineups aside, you might be wondering, What the hell are you talking about, Dogster?

Let’s start again: Caninus is a band who has a dog for a lead singer. Really. The dog lays down the vocal tracks, and humans (vegan ones!) play the instruments. The vocal tracks from a dog sound exactly like what you’d think vocal tracks from a dog would sound like. Meaning: Barking. Lots of barking. And growling. And barking. Followed by growling, and barking, and so on — until the Grammys.

(Note: If you don’t know what grindcore sounds like by now, it’s probably best that you never know, so take a moment to consider that before you play the video at the end of this post.





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