So, This Lion Is BFFs with a Pack of Dachshunds

Bonedigger is a five-year-old, 500-pound male lion. Milo is a seven-year-old, 11-poundDachshund.

After dinner, Milo licks the food from Bonedigger’s teeth.

His friends Bullet and Angel help, too. Bullet and Angel are also teeny-tiny Dachshunds. Bonedigger is still a 500-pound lion.

Some relationships between animals of different species are “unlikely” — your average duck making friends with a puppy, for instance. Some are “unexpected” — let’s call that anything involving a housecat.

But a lion making lifelong friends with three wiggly Dachshunds? That’s WTF, front to back. Sorry for the veiled profanity, but look at this:





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