This Deserves More Investigation: Stories Differ After an Off-Duty Officer Shoots a Pit Bull

Accusations are flying after an off-duty police officer in Chicago shot a neighbor’s Pit Bull while on a walk with his son, and the Independent Police Review Authority is now investigating the incident.

According to the officer, an eight-year veteran of the force, he was out with his young son on North Oketo Avenue, when Maximus, a neighbor’s 4-month-old Pit Bull, charged at them. He shot the dog eight times.

“It’s supposed to be on a leash. If that dog is on a leash this never happens,” the officer told NBC Chicago. “[My son] wanted to ride his bike. So he’s riding down the sidewalk. As I’m walking down the street the dog comes out of the gangway charging at him.”

Neighbors, however, dispute those events. They say Maximus never barked. They say the boy was nearly a block away during the shooting, according to CBS Chicago.



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