Isn’t It Great When the Bad Guys Lose? Dog-Snatcher Gets Four Years

Dog theft is becoming an alarmingly commonplace crime. We keep hearing shocking stories: stolen dogs used as bait dogssold to research labs, and held for ransom. One particularly brazen theft occurred just last week, when Actress Tricia O’Kelley, from The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The New Adventures of Old Christine, had her Yorkshire Terrier dognapped right from her yard. Fortunately, the dog was dropped near her home unharmed — the thieves might have been thwarted by all the media attention the theft had received.

Now, we get a heartwarming story about the other side of dog theft — sentencing. In the District of Columbia, 18-year-old Christopher Young just got four years in prison for stealing a Yorkie at gunpoint.

And the dog, thankfully, wasn’t dognapped for very long — he escaped right after the crime and made his way home by himself.





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