A One-Eyed Dachshund Named Captain Morgan Has a Touching Reunion with His Foster Mom

A Dachshund called Captain Morgan (so named because he has only one eye, like a pirate — arrgh) was headed to a bad place fast. He was stuck in a high-kill shelter in Selma, AL, and his number was nearly up. He slept on a cold concrete floor. During bath time, staff sprayed him with a hose. He had heartworm, which was untreated. It looked like it wasn’t going to end well.

But Sara Cross, founder of Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, and Eva Armstrong, one of the group’s rescuers, didn’t want to see that happen. The rescue works with Alabama’s Wannabe Rescued to help bail dogs out of the Selma pound. The two groups do so because dogs don’t stand a chance at that place. Once local foster parents in Alabama are fully tapped, Badass Brooklyn steps in to bring the dogs up north to place them in foster homes.

Badass has saved more than 800 dogs from high-kill pounds in the South.





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