This Is Almost Beyond Words: Dog Fighting’s Horrific New Trend Is Called “Trunking”

A new dog-fighting trend is so savage and inhumane it’s almost hard to comprehend. It’s called “trunking.” Dahlia Canes of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation explains it:

“They put the dogs in the trunk [of a car], lock it up, and they [drive] around, put the music on very, very loud so no one can hear it,” she said, according to “After 10 or 15 minutes, they stop. The dead dog they throw out, and the winner keeps going.”

You read that right: They put two dogs in the trunk of a car, blast the music, drive around as the dogs fight, and then when the shrieking and yelping finally stops, they pull over and throw out the dead dog.

The winner gets to fight again.





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