The Bionic Dog: Naki’o Thrives with Four New Prosthetic Paws

Naki’o’s story is devastating: The pup and his littermates were found in the icy cellar of a foreclosed, abandoned home. Their mother was in the house, dead. Naki’o was standing in a puddle — frozen into the puddle, actually. All four feet and the tip of his tail.

The pups were discovered and taken to animal control for care. Naki’o got the worst of it: He lost his toes, part of his nose, and the tip of his tail to frostbite. His feet eventually healed into rounded stumps, but it was no happy life for Naki’o as he grew up and gained weight. He couldn’t play well with other dogs. He could barely run because of the pain. He often made his way by crawling along his belly.





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