Quick Question: Would You Give Your Dog a Glitter Tattoo?

Jorge Bendersky, a celebrity dog groomer in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, saw a grooming problem with the dogs of New York, a problem that is common to the dogs of America, if not the world: not enough glamour.

“In the summer, they cut the dogs’ hair short, so you’ve got to supplement the glamour,” he told DNAinfo.com. “Having no hair is no excuse not to be glamorous.”

So, fellow dog owners, you knew you had to supplement the glamour, didn’t you? YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT THE GLAMOUR!

But how does one supplement the glamour? Bendersky shows you the way. Two words: Glitter tattoos. Two more words: Tramp stamp. Put them all together and you get tramp stamp glitter tattoos. And that is Bendersky’s million-dollar idea, which dogs are completely on board with. Take it away, Bendersky:

“Dogs are like humans, and when they accessorize they get attention. A pink dog does not know it’s pink, but when people are smiling and taking pictures, it gets attention,” he said. “So, a dog likes to get tattoos.”

QED, haters.





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