Dogster HQ Takes the Bing It On Challenge

If you read Dogster, it’s probably fair to assume you take pleasure in perusing pooch photos online. So do we. We spend hours sniffing out the perfect images to accompany our stories. And we know that when you’re searching for dog photos, you want to view only the best (read: the most ridiculous and cute).

Our puppy-gazing time is precious; we want to find the photos that will make our cute little tails wag as quickly and efficiently as possible. But are all search engines created the same?

Well, we were surprised to find out that in blind tests, people apparently prefer Bing over Google for the Web’s top searches. The test allows users to compare unmarked Web search results from Bing and Google side-by-side. For five searches, users choose their preferred results. After all five searches are completed, the site reveals which search site you liked more.





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