Is This the Best Photo-Bombing Dog in a Craigslist Ad Ever?

When Chicago couple John and Sara Kanive wanted rent their pet-friendly apartment (a large two-bedroom, one-bath space on the top floor of a courtyard building — great location near the lake and restaurants), they posted an ad on Craigslist. No big thing — people do it all the time. Most people don’t have a photo-bombing dog, though.

As John moved around the apartment — open layout with a large kitchen, living room, and dining nook — to take pictures, his dog followed, and John got an idea.

“The first picture I took, of the living room, he was just laying on the floor,” John Kanive told “So when I saw that picture, that’s when I got the idea to place him in all the pictures.”

That’s a brilliant idea. And the dog obliged by staying put in strategic locations. See if you can find him. I like that coffee table.



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