So, Apparently Michael Vick Has a Belgian Malinois Now

Kudos to the sports blog Crossing Broad, which is nailing scoop after scoop in the depressing Michael Vick-owning-a-dog mess. Back in October, it broke the story that Vick, the NFL star who served time for leading a dogfighting operation, had a dog. The site first noticed the same picture Vick tweeted with as well as without a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits, which forced Vick to later admit that he did in fact own a dog. He did not say what kind of dog, or even the word “dog.” He said, in a statement probably written by his handlers, “pet.”

This week, we finally get to see that pet, thanks to another scoop by Crossing Broad. The site says that a tipster sent in photos of Vick taking dog training classes at a PetSmart in New Jersey. According to the tipster, Vick, his family, and a bodyguard have been taking classes for their Belgian Malinois, named Angel.




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