Our Hero: The Stray Who Kept a Lost Little Girl Warm on a Frozen Night

A few days ago we told you about the Pit Bull who protected a 3-year-old who had wandered into the woods near his home. The two were lost for an hour.

Last weekend, a similar thing happened, in much more hazardous circumstances, for a much longer time.

In the town of Pierzwin, Poland, a 3-year-old girl, Julia, wandered away from her home and vanished into a nearby forest. Her grandmother had last seen her playing in the backyard of her house with a stray dog, who was friendly with the family, according to the Daily Mail.

The black mongrel is named Czarue.

Night fell. The pair were in an area described as “freezing marshland.” The rescue operation quickly escalated, with more than 200 people scouring the countryside. The temperature dropped to minus five degrees.



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