Victory Is a Chihuahua Who Looks Like a Baby Kangaroo

Victory the Chihuahua mix was found on the streets of Dearborn, MI, a few weeks ago, according to Dumped, it would seem — it’s unlikely a dog like this would be out on the streets for long. She has a condition called radial hemimelia, which means that some bones in her front legs are missing.

Victory looks very much like a baby kangaroo. 

The small dog has to sort of hop and hobble to get around, but don’t think Victory can’t get the job done. At the Dearborn Animal Shelter, she is as quick and eager as any Chihuahua — that is to say, very quick and eager. Victory scampers around like she has already won the race and needs to greet each fan individually, like any self-respecting Chihuahua named Victory would.



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