Tibetan Mastiff Dies During Plastic Surgery in China; Awful Owner Sues for $141,240

In March 2012, a breeder known only Mr. Yu bought a beautiful Tibetan Mastiff from a another breeder. Two years later, it was time to breed the dog and make some money. Yu was an old hand at this — he had 30 dogs and had been in the business for 15 years.

But first he had to do something.

“The skin of my dog’s head was very flabby, so I wanted to cut part of his forehead and straighten the skin,” said Yu, according to the Global Times. “And also in this way, his hair would look longer as the rear part of the head will have more hair.”

Yes, Yu wanted to give this already stunning dog plastic surgery.

“If my dog looks better, female dog owners will pay a higher price when they want to mate their dog with mine,” he said.

So Yu took the dog to the Beijing Yongchangjihe Animal Hospital on Nov. 8, 2012, for this completely unnecessary surgery. On the operating table, the dog died. His heart stopped due to a problem with anesthesia.





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