Lost Labrador Survives Two Weeks After Being Hit by Car

There are few things worse than the moment you realize a beloved pet has gone missing. As a kid, the entire course of my life changed when my best friend, a shelter mutt named Annie, got out of the house. We searched for her that night, but felt confident she would return the next day — she had done it before, why wouldn’t she do it again? I spent two nights camped out by the front door waiting for her. On the third night, my parents made me sleep in my bed. That’s how a 9-year-old learns about a broken heart.

So when Maverick the yellow Labrador didn’t come when called, the members of this family in Perham, MN., were devastated. They searched all over for their missing family member, responding to any tip they received regarding the dog’s whereabouts, as reported by WDAY in Fargo, ND. After two weeks, the family members feared they might have to say farewell to Maverick without any closure.




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