Muzzled Husky Uses Car Horn to Rescue Trapped Dogs

A Husky named Kiki, muzzled, was locked in the cab of a van. His friends — two HuskyRottweiler crosses named Buddy and Six-Toes, along with two cats — were in the back of the van. The dogs were all muzzled, and the cats were in a cage. The doors of the van were locked.

The animals had been in there a week, according to police.

Everyone wanted out, obviously. Huskies are known for howling, but Kiki was muzzled. What did Kiki do?

He figured out how to use the horn. Then he slammed on the horn. He laid on it hard until help arrived, in the form of the London Police, who quickly brought in the London Humane Society.

“The dogs were muzzled so they couldn’t make a sound, Judy Foster, the executive director of the London Humane Society, told the London Free Press. “I think he figured out how to use the horn. Dogs are very smart, they watch us all the time.”


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