An Extreme Mutt Makeover by CARA Welfare Philippines

     The stray pets of the Philippines are fortunate that an intrepid group of volunteers have their backs: CARA Welfare Philippines — Compassion and Responsibility for Animal Welfare in the Philippines. A nongovernmental nonprofit operating solely on private donations, the Manila-based group has made possible many astonishing success stories. But we think one of CARA’s most compelling cases is the extreme makeover of a mini-mutt called Matt.

Matt is certainly an offbeat name for a girlydog; she earned her handle because of the tangled mats of knotted hair that covered her entire body. But mats were the least of little Matt’s problems.

“Matt belonged to a squatter whose house is pasted against a wall along Araneta Avenue,” says CARA’s Rebecca Tieng, who discovered the dog in October. She was kept above the ground on an elevated piece of plyboard, tethered by a short metal wire just a foot long. The wire was so tight around Matt’s neck that it dug into her flesh. Two years prior, her owners had acquired Matt as a puppy, then promptly robbed her of every pup’s birthright: To romp and play and sleep where it’s safe. She never knew the comfort of living indoors.



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