Feel Like I’ve Been Run Over By A Truck!! LOL:P


Gonna make a Dr appointment, I think for Tuesday, strain in my neck getting worse not better. Now, instead of it hurting, Ihave inmy neck what feels like a knot of pain. Not fun, since:

  1. Last night I took my last Aleve and have no other kind of aspirin in the house (didn’t have time to buy any tonight, had to get to the grocery store before it closed).
  2. Was looking forward to resting tomorrow before being at work at 4 tomorrow, but now they need me in at 11:30, so now I’m working 11:30-9:15 with an hour or two break when I feel like crap already.
  3. After I close tomorrow night, I have to be back at work the following morning at 8:30 to open the store and am working pretty much till close (mall closes at 6, I work till 5).

Fun, fun, fun!!!! LMAO!! 😛

Sorry everyone for complaining, just needed to vent. LOL:P

Thanx for bearing with me and have a good night. 😀


♥♥♥♥Sweet Dreams♥♥♥♥



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